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Why Should You Use Predictive Maintenance?
Maximizing uptime and minimizing downtime  is not a distant dream no more, and its about time you start enjoying it.
Anymaint utilizes Machine Learning, big data analyses and our own unique model of Collaborative Maintenance to create personally-tailored maintenance plans for your equipment that optimizes your operations.
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Digital Transformation - Simple Visual Platform & Predictive Maintenance Alerts
Connected Workforce from any device, all equipment, every employee
Industry 4.0 solution - Smart Analyses & Real Time Actionable Data
Proven Impact
  • Erez Nahir
    Owner & CEO
    With AnyMaint, we've improved profitability by minimizing operational costs and maximizing machine uptime without any additional staffing or capital investment. The software's preventive maintenance features have also helped us avoid the risk of unplanned downtime.
  • David Bergel
    Maintenance Manager
    With AnyMaint, we can swiftly respond to issues through real-time online alerts. The user-friendly interface and proactive notifications enable us to prioritize core tasks and save considerable time and effort.
  • Anna Simonov
    Director Operations
    AnyMaint gives you a clear overview of your operations, making it quick and easy to tackle issues as they come up. It's designed to help you make smart, data-driven choices on the fly. Whether you're dealing with reactive, preventive, or predictive maintenance, AnyMaint has you covered. It simplifies how you prioritize your main tasks, helping you keep things running smoothly and reducing downtime.
  • Benesh Ben Shimon
    Director of Engineering
    AnyMaint platform succeeded where 3 previous systems failed! It is multilanguage, easy to implement and use for both production workers, engineering, and senior management.
  • Avi Kamitchi
    Equipment Maintenance
    AnyMaint seamlessly connects our team in different production sites and delivering real-time insights in the field. It simplifies planning, monitoring, and managing all maintenance activities in one platform in accordance with the most stringent requirements of the semiconductor and defense industry. The onboarding process is both quick and easy.
How Does
anymaint Work?
Why anymaint?

In today's fast-paced business environment, machine failure can have a significant impact on operations and revenue. That's why we've developed AnyMaint, a powerful platform that’s reducing unplanned downtime by up to 70%. We collect data from all sources, including IoT devices, failure records, and maintenance logs to create a comprehensive view that optimizes maintenance as a whole.

Introducing AnyMaint - a game-changing solution for the maintenance management industry. With our unique model of collaborative maintenance that completely integrates human input and machine DATA, we can monitor, analyze, and create actionable suggestions that will transform your routine.

With a focus on simplicity and ease of use, AnyMaint allows companies to improve their maintenance processes with minimal effort and no additional staffing. Not only that, our collaborative model and anonymous analyses protocols allow us to detect equipment behaviours and alert you in advance. With one fast and easy implementation - you too can improve your maintenance processes.

  • Up to 70% reduction in downtime
  • Connected Industry 4.0 workforce / Real time.
  • Improved safety and efficiency
  • One system cross platform
  • Collaborative maintenance features
  • Driving data based decision making
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    Boost Your Manufacturing Maintenance with a Connected Workforce
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  • 06.04.2023
    Is Industry 4.0 going to eliminate maintenance?
    Industry 4.0 envisions maintenance through sensors, data analytics, and connectivity for real-time failure recognition. However, robot or software is not a replacement for skilled maintenance professionals. Predictive maintenance can detect failures earlier, but it cannot replace or repair parts. With faster detection, the number of repair requests will grow, and a strong maintenance team is necessary for timely fixing. Data leads the way for improvement, but managers must appreciate skilled maintenance professionals above all.
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    How to compare CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) systems.
    Comparing CMMS systems can be difficult as most offer similar features. Instead of relying on internet comparisons, companies should ask themselves key questions, such as who will be using the software, how many hours will be spent on it, and how much integration with other systems is required. Understanding their specific needs will make it easier to compare CMMS options and find the best fit for the organization. The goal is not to find perfect software, but rather software that fits the organization's needs and can be improved upon over time.
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